Your US Teaching Opportunity awaits

Talzent facilitates a H-1B program that allows you to bring your expertise and diverse experiences to a school in the United States.


You can participate in the H-1B initially for 3 years and then request a 3 year extension as needed.

Our Process

We have a dedicated process to help you navigate the journey with ease.


Apply & join the Talzent pool.


Go through our Talzent training lab to
strengthen your skill set.


Let connected with potential schools and receive an offer.

H1-B Paperwork

Process your legal paperwork.

Arrival & Orientation

Arrive to the united states and get settled in your new neighborhood.

The Process Works. Really!

Our process is designed to provide you with the right training and support process to help you find rewarding opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

Mimi Kabanda


Our Current Placements

We’ve staffed schools in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Kansas with top-tier educators from around the world. Our process connects schools with exceptional teachers, ensuring student success. We continue to expand across other states.

About You

At Talzent, we seek teachers who are not just educators but also global ambassadors of knowledge and cultural exchange. The ideal Talzent teacher is passionate, adaptable, and dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Your Education

A minimum of a 4-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree equivalent education (Ex: Bachelors of Science + Education).

Your Qualifications

Your Character

You lead with empathy in the classroom and want to help students become well-rounded members of society.

The Benefits

Join us in making a difference in the lives of students and communities across the United States.

Get connected to schools in the United States

Receive critical training and support along your journey.

Bring your family with you in the first year.

Join the Pool

We value educators with strong subject expertise, a commitment to student growth, and the ability to connect with students from various backgrounds.

If you’re a teacher who believes in the transformative power of education, we want to hear from you.