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We locate the best educators globally to teach in classrooms across the United States


‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage

The Washington Post

Shortage of qualified teaching professionals

The pandemic accelerated the shrinking of the American teacher workforce

Lack of quality instruction

Classroom sizes across the country are ballooning as students get less individualized care.

Decline in academic achievement

Test scores across subjects have declined to 1990s levels

Our Solution

Why Use International Educators?

Our international educators are either looking to move to the United States or are already in the United States teaching.

Improve Retention

Over 90% of educators stay in a school placement over three years.

Promote Diversity

Our educators come from Asia, Africa, and Europe. They will help foster students’ global perspective.

Improve Scores

The quality and resources of our teachers means more resources available to fuel student success.

Recruitment & Global Mobility

We have redefined the ease of finding the best teachers to join your classrooms.

Save Time and Money

We hand-pick educators to interview based on your mission, create an optimized interview schedule, and facilitate communication.

Everything else!

We help teachers with the little things, like cell plans, ssn, H1-b etc. We help teachers get settled in your neighborhood.

Who Are Our Educators ?

We have highly selective process with an acceptance rate of < 20% into our Talzent tool. We aim to provide the best quality educators for your school system.

Our teachers have over 10 years of experience on average.

Our teachers are highly educated with Bachelors (40%), Masters (45%), PhD (15%) degrees.