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We are now accepting teacher applications for the 2023-2024 school year. APPLY NOW!


We are an education sourcing company locating the best educators globally
to teach in classrooms across the United States

Are you a ...

Talzent is here to make finding certified educators to fill the national teaching shortage a "Zen" experience.

We take a rigorous approach to finding the best educators globally. We have qualified and experienced educators that are ready to inspire students across the United States. 



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Our Core Values


Empowering teachers and schools is at the heart of our mission. We believe that every teacher deserves the opportunity to achieve their career aspirations, and every school deserves access to the best teaching talent. By providing a platform that empowers both teachers and schools, we are making a positive impact on the education system in the United States.


Our company is dedicated to promoting cultural enrichment through education. We believe that exposing students to different cultures and perspectives is essential to their personal and academic growth. We provide our international educators with comprehensive  resources and support, creating a two-way exchange of knowledge and understanding.



Talzent is rooted in decades of teaching experience in American schools with an understands the budget constraints districts face. We are dedicated to saving our partners time and money while conducting a comprehensive recruiting process. This means that schools can focus on their core mission of educating students, knowing that they have a partner in recruiting and retaining top talent. 

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