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Welcome to our ‘Quick Help’ section, designed with our dedicated teachers in mind. We’ve curated this resource hub to provide our valued educators with instant access to all the questions that you may have about the recruitment process.

Every process begins with an application & if your profile is a fit you will have 2-3 interview rounds before a final decision is made. We encourage you to bring your personality and enthusiasm.

Last year, our acceptance rate to the Talzent pool was 15%. We take a holistic approach to each application.

Yes, we provide a comprehensive training program as part of our support structure. The training involves both virtual training courses with our arrive,survive,thrive methodology as well as live interview training for 4-6 sessions.

We continue working with you for the next school year as well and provide another round of support.

There are talzent training and support fees. Other costs include credential evaluation, lisencure fees, visa appointment fee, and travel expenses.

Pay varies by state but you will receive comparative рау as any other US educator.

Yes, we recommend filling for H-4 for your dependents after your arrival to the US.

Generally, it will take 3-8 months to work through the process depending as regular/ premium processing of H1-B.

We are excited to support you! Please apply at www.talzent.com/apply