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Talzent serves as a strategic partner for K-12 school districts in the United States. 


Our global teachers are passionate about empowering and educating students.  We select teachers that provide curated instruction to meet each student where they are and bring diverse experiences to the classroom. 


About Our Teachers.


A minimum of a 4-year U.S. Bachelor's degree equivalent education. 


  • Educators are currently employed as an accredited teacher and have two or more years of experience

  • Educators are certified to teach either Mathematics, Science, or Special Education. If you need additional subjects, please inform us.

  • Educators are fluent in English and are able to provide instruction in English


Our Educators lead with empathy in the classroom and want to help students become well-rounded members of society

Are we the team for you?

We work our best when:

  • You’re interested in long-term partnership and hiring teachers for a career, instead of a year. 

  • Communication between you and us is candid, continuous, and constructive regarding our teachers.

  • We work together with the teachers to help them adjust and excel in the American classroom. 

  • You hire 2 or more teachers, or there are other Talzent educators in the district for our new educators to collaborate with. 

We don’t do as well when:

  • You expect the educators to immediately act exactly the same as their American colleagues. 

  • One year, one single teacher placement not expected to be renewed.

Our Process.

  1. We receive applications from teachers all over the world that are interested in teaching in the United States.

  2. We filter educators that have the right qualifications and skillset based on the needs of school districts that we partner with. Then, we select a pool of teachers through a rigorous interview process. 

  3. We provide our Talzent Educators comprehensive training to prepare for this exciting challenge. Some of our material includes communication techniques and classroom management. 

  4. The school districts will conduct a direct interview process with a curated pool of applications and extend an offer to educators that are the right fit. The ultimate decision of hire rests with each school district. 

  5. We will work with the school districts and the teachers to process the legal paper-work that allows a educator to come to the United States to work. 

  6. After educators arrive, we will provided support and orientation to ensure educators are set up for success.

We are here for you every step of the way

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