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Talzent is from the heart. ​


Bala Reddy came to the United States from India as a teacher in 2007. He worked as an educator in South Carolina and Georgia. He carries over 30 years of experience in Teaching and Education Leadership. 


He recognizes the difficulties faced by school districts in filling the national teaching shortages in the United States. He also understands the experience of a teacher embarking on an uncharted journey to teach globally. He is inspired to create an avenue through which global teachers and US schools can immerse in a cultural experience of teaching and learning. 

Some of his achievements include a STAR Teacher Award, and receiving over 10 Million Views on his musical math videos and becoming a viral sensation. Through his work, he has been featured in global newspaper publications featured below and dubbed the "Musical Math Teacher".



We are a team of educators, education leaders, entrepreneurs, and business people who look to create wins for every stakeholder involved.

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Sequena Stanton, 

Leslie Eldridge, Dir. Workforce Development

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We have Talzent Advisors servicing the listed states and working to continue adding advisors in states that have the largest teaching shortages.

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